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Elliot got really excited about the first green pair I made him and wore them all over the house right away. They were a little snug so I made the blue pair a little bigger, and now Clementine has started wearing the first pair. Step 1 left : Trace both feet of the wearer carefully.

10 Free Knitted Slipper Patterns

If you have to let the wearer play Mario Kart or Angry Birds to make this happen, no one here is going to hold that against you. Step 2 right : Using a piece of tracing paper or a dryer sheet, superimpose both foot outlines with the heels overlapping. Smooth out any bumps as you trace. You can see where I did this at the top of the toes. Step 5 left : Measure around your seam line carefully with a measuring tape or string.

Step 6 right : Now take half of the seam measurement and write that number down. Step 7 above : Draw your pattern piece for the upper part of the slipper upper using the template provided below. The pattern piece will consist of a line across the bottom that is X long, a vertical line on the right side that is 0. Remember that those little boxes in the corners indicate right angles.

Note: You can also go ahead and round the corners adjacent to the diagonal line a little if you like. So for each pair of slippers, cut 8 upper pieces, four tongue pieces, and two soles. Hint: Cut the fleece for the upper parts of the slippers with the stretchiest direction of the fleece running parallel to the bottom of the foot. Step 2 right : Sew ric-rac along the front edge of a slipper upper piece, with the edge of the ricrac lined up with the front edge of the fleece. Try to stitch along the middle of the ricrac as close to the front edge of the ric-rac as possible without going off the ricrac at all, if that makes sense.

Step 5 left : Turn lining inside out and place outside of slipper over it so their right sides are facing. Step 6 right : Turn both right side out. Now push the lining back inside slipper not shown. I usually try to line up the stitching with valleys in the ric rac, and I backstitch before and after the ric rac instead of sewing over it, which can flatten it.

Step 8 left : Cut elastic roughly the length of the slipper and put a safety pin at the end. Step 9 right : Thread elastic through casing. Pin ends and try on your child if possible, adjust elastic length if necessary, then zigzag stitch back and forth through both layers of elastic to secure. Step 11 right : Attach tongue to the center front of the outside of the sole by sewing across the short side of the tongue. Now turn it inside out not shown.

Step 11 right : Take a look at the front center seam of your slipper. This step is optional but I find it makes it easier to sew the upper part of the slipper to the sole. I did this with the blue slippers but not the green ones because I had curved their pieces a little more when I cut them out and found it helps make a nicer looking slipper. Step 12 left : Pin center front and center back of slipper to sole with outsides facing the inside of the sole and the inside of the upper part of the slipper should be facing out.

Pin around entire slipper, carefully lining up all three edges as you pin. Step 15 above : Turn slipper right-side out. Step Sew buttons on either side of ric rac to resemble eyes. If you make a pair of these slippers, please put your pictures in the Celebrate the Boy photo pool so we can all enjoy them! I cannot believe how adorable these are! Definitely making some for the little dinosaur-lover around here. Ok my boys are really into "how to train your dragon" so these are perfect for them. Thanks so much for sharing.

Can not wait to make these. Those turned out adorable!

Womens Slippers

Super cute Rae! I actually call Vince my Little Monster! This is just a great tutorial Rae! Thank you. Even though you are concentrating on boys, I might girl them up for my granddaughter!

How to Darn a Sock.

Ferociously precious!!! Sure to be some dragon stompers around here soon too! Love the "Celebrate The Boy" fun too, always inspiring! These are wonderful, my son okay, his parents have an obsession with monsters and dragons — he'll we'll love these! Oh, love it! I squee'ed when I opened my reader and saw the picture of these.


Would it to be too much to make a pair for every member of my family? These are so cute. I've added it to your growing collection of patterns at mysewingcircle. Thank you so much for sharing! I'm SO excited that you guys are hosting this series again!! The slippers are great. So fun! Thanks again for all the work that goes into putting this together.

Really looking forward to the rest of the month! This is perfect!!!! Thank you for taking the time and making the tutorial. Crazy cute!! Now I'm going to have to make a foot eating baby proof aka no buttons pair for my Rockstar. Yay for Celebrate the Boy!! Can't wait to see what else you have in store for us. Thanks for sharing Rae!

Having done your tutorials before, I know these will be fun to do. I can't wait to make my own version! I want some for me! That's acceptable, right? I suppose I might have to make the Boy Child some as well…. I love love love these!!! Can't wait until I have a second to make a couple pairs for my boys!! Loving this month of boy! It's so hard to find good patterns and fabrics.

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Although, am I allowed to make a girl dragon pair for myself!?! Just linked over to this from plaidcupcake. Love these. How cute. I bet I could even make some my daughter would love. She loves dragons! Thanks for the tute! Thanks, Maria. Love the slippers! My son loves dragons!! I have a tutorial for dragon wings that I'll have to add to the flickr pool.

I'm really excited about CTB! I love these tutorial. I will be coming back in a bit, thanks for the great blog.

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I Love this tutotial plus the exciting promise of a whole month of boy things. I have a little girl but always strugle finding gifts for boys. I've added your site onto my list of inspiring blogs on my first ever blog as a crafting mummy from the UK. How many boys are you giving away, I'll have one please. Even though it the middle of a very hot summer here in Perth, Australia I made my 2 year old son his very own pair.

I used pleated jumbo ribbon instead of ric rac and as soon as he saw them he said "Dino-raa shoes". You've made our day with your fantastic tutorial! These are too cute! You're awesome and inspiring and I love what you do! Thanks so much for sharing it too! I am loving the little ric rac dragon spikes!!

These are just adorable! Ahhh, I love them! JavaScript enables you to fully navigate and make a purchase on our site. If disabled the content or the functionality of the website can be limited or unavailable. Please enable JavaScript in your browser for the best possible experience. Thank you!

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  • Instead of feeling cold or freezing your partner by putting your frozen feet on their legs, grab a pair of cozy slippers to keep your toes warm all winter long. Slippers come in all types of styles and designs, from simple house slippers to shoe-like options with hard soles. A pair of moccasin-style slippers always feels great, and you might be able to get away with wearing them outside the house.

    Knit slippers complement your favorite sweater , while plaid slippers are perfect with your holiday pajamas.