Discovering Iberia: A Short Journey into Spains Distant Past

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The Iberian Peninsula came to be named after them because it was they whom the ancient Greeks and Romans first encountered. In a few places, too, they mixed with these other groups, producing hybrids like those who are termed Celtiberians. The presence of the Iberians has been documented to the 6th century BC but indications are that in fact it stretched many centuries even further back. They did metalworking; had writing; and traded with other ancient peoples including Greeks, the Carthaginians of the North Africa coast, and the Phoenicians of the eastern Mediterranean.

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Their societies included chieftains, nobles, and slaves, and their religion was polytheistic with strong Greek and Phoenician influences; and included animal sacrifice and cremation of the dead. Another is the Puig de Sant Andreu near Ullastret , up on the Costa Brava about 45 minutes east of the city of Girona ; the ha acre site includes an interesting archaeology museum.

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Delve into Portugal's modern-day beauty and turbulent past alongside O. Louis, Missouri, as she learns about the country's culture, history, and art, including the longstanding tradition of azulejos , or blue painted tiles. Explore Spain in depth with traveler Penny P. Join Emmy award-winning travel expert Rudy Maxa in the extravagant city of Madrid, "the next thing to heaven.

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  • Researchers have known that the two regions engaged in trade at that time; the new study confirms that people also moved from Africa to Europe. Samples from Iron Age people who lived around B.

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    This suggests that influxes of people did not always spark linguistic changes, specifically the adoption of Indo-European languages, the study authors said. Modern-day Basques are similar genetically to Iron Age people throughout the Iberian Peninsula, leading the researchers to hypothesize that Basque ancestry and language remained relatively intact in the intervening millennia while other groups around them mixed and more significantly changed.

    North African ancestry was more widespread in Iberia during the Roman period about 20 B. The genetic influences occurred well before groups from North Africa conquered Iberia during the 8th century A. Historic opportunity Much of the new study addressed the historical era, meaning the period in which written records exist.

    Spain Tour | Spain & Portugal day, Small Group Trip | Overseas Adventure Travel

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